"It gets a little lonely in that empty loft
Just watching the hours tick byyyyyy…”

"Well, you have to admit, his singing isn’t all that bad."

where has this chick been all my life!?



In celebration of me never getting anything ever (hahaha *sob*) have a possible continuation of this with a Valentine’s Day twist! Even though Cosmo Magazine is full of crap, I think Derek somehow pulled it off!

♥ Other Derek Hale-themed ideas for the card (and puns): 
- Have some chocolate while eyebrows this card
- His eyebrows are so thick because that’s where he hides his love
- ‘The Wild Hair of Love’
- His eyebrows may disappear when he wolfs out, but his love does not
- ‘3 Hairs Short of a Unibrow: A Timeless Love Story’
- His eyebrows say ‘no’, but his dick says ‘hella’

Aaaaaand finally, a haiku:

Coarse and strong they sit
Like furrows, they sink downward
His glare is scary


I know valentines was waaaay back, but this was to freakin’ hilarious not to post!



alright fandom I want at least one ficlet of Derek buying more sweaters because one time Drunk!Stiles fell asleep on him because he was ‘so soft’.

"That’ll be $98.37 please."

Son of a bitch.

He pulls out his wallet, decidedly not thinking about how this is the most pathetic thing he’s ever done and passes over a credit card, eyeing his purchase suspiciously. 

The sweaters (fuck, he just spent a hundred dollars on sweaters) look relatively innocent sitting on the sales counter; but the feel of Stiles curled around his leg and the sound of his drunken rambling are still fresh in Derek’s memory. 

He knows exactly how dangerous a sweater can be. 

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the hales always have a table of pies at the beacon hills winter craft fair. and every year stiles buys one for his dad. and uses that time to ogle derek hale and sample his jams

and derek marvels at one one man can get that much jam on his face

laura and cora making gagging and vomit noises in the background at this awkward mating dance 

Stiles goes for the pies. 

The pies, okay? 

He absolutely does not go because the sight of Derek Hale wearing an apron and holding out a sampling spoon makes him want to sink to his knees and wrap his mouth around the spoon while Derek’s still holding it; makes him want to let his tongue graze against his fingers and make Derek’s breath catch in his throat—

He goes for the pies. Mainly.

And if Derek Hale happens to be there in all of his sinful glory, well, he’s not going to complain.

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eagerly awaitingthe maze runner

Tyler Posey loves bowls: [x]

Well, I couldn’t leave my best girl. Not when she owes me a dance.

Never go on adventures without your trusty sidekick. xoxo Zoey and Jasper


Never go on adventures without your trusty sidekick. xoxo Zoey and Jasper


Psd for almost everything II by artjunkpsds

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Psd for almost everything by artjunkpsds

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